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frequently asked questions

Where is Sharara located?

Our Instructional Dance Video, Virtual Practice Sessions, and Dance Mix services are available to clients worldwide. However, our In-Person Practice Sessions are catered to those in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I purchased an Instructional Dance Video. How many practice sessions do you recommend?

While our Instructional Dance Videos are wonderful tools to learn and practice the dance on your own time, our virtual and in-person practice sessions take your performance to the next level. The number of practice sessions will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the number of songs in your Dance Mix, your dancing level, the number of people in the dance, and the occasion for which you are practicing. That being said, on average, for beginner-level dancers, we’d recommend 5-7 hours of virtual and/or in-person practice sessions; for intermediate-level dancers, we’d recommend 4-6 hours of virtual and/or in-person practice sessions; and for advanced dancers, we’d recommend 3-4 hours of virtual and/or in-person practice sessions.

Can Sharara conduct an In-Person Practice Session in my home?

No, Sharara will not travel to a client’s home for practice.

Is Sharara willing to travel outside of San Francisco for In-Person Practice Sessions?

In limited circumstances, Sharara may be willing to travel to third party locations, such as dance studios and hotel ballrooms, for practices within the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact us at to confirm. Standard mileage rates will apply.

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